Friday, January 30, 2009

Right, This blog has been here for a hundred and five years without any form of updating. Mainly because I forgot about it, and secondly because I am a lazy bastard. Time for some change.

I'll just post some doodles and experiments I did in Photoshop for now. More stuff is coming up as I make it.

Here is a picture I did of the SSMB:Brawl version of Princess Zelda for my brother, after much nagging from his part. Looking mighty Paris Hilton there princess! Not sure If I'll bother finishing it.

This is a little experiment I did on shading in photoshop. I tried painting the values as grayscale on its own layer, and then blend it with a flat color layer. The resluts here were nice, but I am unable to replicate it of some reason...

Just a bullshit self portrait.

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