Friday, November 30, 2012

dDo is pretty neat.

So dDo by Quixel is in open beta now and I gave it a spin. Just a simple test on a super generic nonsense sci fi wall, but it's a very handy tool. Won't be able to replace doing texturing b hand, but it automates a lot of the drudgery of painting in scratches along edges and blending dirt into cavities. Me likey.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fatty The Pirate

I think this guy has shown up in a previous post or two, but I decided to sit down one day and texture him. I tried out a new approach to handpainted textures where I make a base diffuse lighting pass out of the green channels (up vector) of a Bent Normal map and a PrtP map, and make a cavity map out of a normal map to bring out some details. Then I just painted skintones and such and blended them with the light pass. It turned out pretty nice, I'll definitely keep using this technique.