Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big ol' backlog of stuff.

All right, been too busy to post lately. Here is a bunch of stuff from the end of the semester:

The ecorche is done, which is the project that has absorbed most of my time this last month. Every muscle and bone has been modeled out, although the proportions are a bit off here and there. 

Creepy Spider dude thing. 3 hour sketch experimenting with alphas.

Urania the greek Muse of Astonomy and Philosophy. A midterm project for my Myth and Symbols class where I had the option to make a piece of art rather than write an essay. Rendered with vRay.

Base for the hair and cloth was done with zSketch.

 Fishman, another quick sketch.

 Experimenting with the Unity engine's Terrain system.

3DS Max Traffic Light

I am doing a weekly modeling club with some schoolmates where we give each other a weekly challenge. This week's challenge was a traffic light done entirely in 3DS Max. This is my first time using 3DS Max so it was slow as hell and parts are a bit funny looking.