Sunday, February 8, 2009

Modeling in clay kicks ass!

So this semester I have something called Figure Modeling. It's like Figure Drawing, where you draw nekkid people, except you do it in clay. Now, my experience with clay is rather limited. I had a brush in with it five years ago or something, and it rather sucked. But this time with some experience, a live model, and a really good teacher (who for the record looks like a bearded jewish Robin Williams) I am having so much fun with it!
The only thing I feel I can complain about it that the model is too hot. Yeah, what an odd thing to say! Most people would assume a worst case scenario would be to get a fat 40 year old dude to pose naked for you, but that's the funny thing. When you use nude models or reference the nudity doesn't become anything erotic because you concentrate on the work you are doing rather than the fact that there is a really hot naked girl standing in front of you. It just becomes anatomy, nothing more. which brings me back to the point I was trying to make. I would love to have a fat 40 year old dude as my model, simply because I think ugly people are so much more fun to draw simply because they have much more pronounced and interesting anatomy. Pretty people are all smooth and skinny and have no real detail, so you have a really fine balance you need to maintain in order for them to look the part. If something is just a little off then they will look all weird and ugly. With uglies you have much more freedom because they are essentially composed of flaws. But most importantly you can often see much better how stuff works on them. There is for instance this old lady I've had a couple of times who has really pronounced musculature in her back and legs, I've learned so much from drawing her!

But enough dillydally, now I have to go out and buy some groceries. Enjoy the pretty pictures.

And here she is all wrapped up for the night.
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This is work done for my Games: Modeling and Texture class. Our assignment is to make our apartment, starting with our desk/workspace.

Our current budget is 1200 tris divided on six props. And when we get to the texturing part the limit will be 5 maps of 128x128 pixels. Pretty oldschool, despite the polycount maybe being a little higher than what was common in the olden days, and the fact that we are allowed to use Normal maps if I understood my teacher correctly. Good luck getting a good result out of a 128 pixel normal map though!

Here is my WIP screenshot.

I am a little proud that I was able to stay 406 tris under the budget, so I'll keep adding stuff through the week until I run out of polygons. Maybe start doing a little texturing if I get the time.