Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hard Surface Homework

I mentioned one post down that I had to do the daily sketches in addition to normal weekly homework. Here are the weekly projects. A pair of AKG 741's and one of those ornate street lamps that are scattered all over San Francisco.
These are technically two week projects, we did the whole model the first week and then we spend the second week doing fixes and revision. We got another week for the lamp so I'll do some small fixes after I caught up with my sketches.

I'm planning on building these into lowpoly game assets and pimp them out in Marmoset or something like that. I had extreme lowpoly and now I'm doing highpoly assets, but I don't have much in between those two extremes. It will be fun to try out.

Daily 3D models.

All righty. This semester I am taking a hard surface class with the amazing Shon Mitchell, a 3D modeler from Massive Black. In addition to the weekly assignments that are tough enough he has us do one model a day. Very intense but also very rewarding.

I will update by a weekly basis to avoid cluttering up the blog too much. This first update will contain several weeks.


Week 2


Week 3



Week 4:

Week 5:

I am slightly behind this week so I need to do two sketches today, I will update this blog post when they're done.