Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is my previous 3D modeling assignment. He was originally supposed to be really steampunked out but I had to do compromises because of time and budget. He was also supposed to have either a flying scooter or a weapons-carrier sidekick as a second part of the assignment, but I joined a collaborative game asset project for my final instead. I'll post the results of said project when I'm finished, it's due tomorrow so it'll be up soon. I also have a self portrait I did in the beginning of the class, but I need to take some screenshots of it first.

Friday, December 11, 2009

All righty! I won't excuse myself for never updating because it's silly and everyone does it. Instead I will post two and a half week's amount of perspective homework. Hoorah!

This was the fisheye assignment, and my latest work because blogger decided to place them in backwards order and it's a pain in the ass to edit. The initial idea was to have an Escher inspired scene where a prisoner tries to escape his cell by digging a hole in the wall, only to be surprised by the applied paradox of having dug a hole into his own cell. My friend Johan mentioned that the picture would look rather boring if all the rooms are perfectly symmetrical, so I went for a more comedic approach of four prisoners trying to escape only to end up digging into each other's cells. This enabled me to play more around with the lighting and narrative.

This was three point. I knew I wanted to do an action scene because of the dramatic characteristics of three point, and after some sketching and brainstorming I landed on a Lovecraftian scene of a team of tomb raiders disturbing an ancient evil best left alone. I put a lot of thought into the characters and the narrative here. You have the charismatic yet morally grey leader in the foreground, the dimwitted goon in the background who does all the heavy lifting and manual work, and the booksmart nerd who has unfortunately been grabbed by the tentacle because he is the only one who knows what the hell that thing is and possibly how to stop it. Also note the Elder Sign on the lid and columns and the diagram of the ruins on the floating paper in the foreground.