Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This has been a distracting week. I've dropped the ball on the daily sketches.

Here is what I did today. A Combat Survival Army Tactical Rambo Knife, done 100% in zBrush to test some hard surface tools and techniques.

Also my roommate Jacob asked me if he could rig my anatomy study dude, so I retopologized him and put him in a T-pose. He wants to do a muscle rig so I tried to have the topology conform to the musculature. Time will tell if I was any successful at it. That thing has some really weird loops...

Oh, and I baked a normal and AO map and put him in Marmoset for fun. I see why everyone loves that tool, super easy to use and gives pretty nice results.

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Sue said...

Excuse me!? Are you making the same knife as me? You're VERY productive what are you talking about?