Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rook - Concept

This semester I am taking Organic Modeling 2 at the AAU. While I was recommended to pick a concept by a professional concept artist I chose to make up my own concept instead.

My idea is as follows:

A small kingdom ruled over by a powerful wizard, he is known as the Wizard King. It's a peaceful kingdom, but it is surrounded by nations and countries that are always at war with each other. The kingdom has avoided conflict because they have taken a neutral stance and because the other countries fear the Wizard King's powerful magic. 

However lately tensions have been rising, and the war has moved closer to the kingdom's borders. The Wizard King has slowly grown more paranoid and is spiraling into madness. 
Using his powerful magic he merges men and beasts and weapons into powerful guardians. Being an avid chess player he shapes them after chess pieces. He merges his guard and their horses into agile and deadly Knights, his advisors are joined with predatory birds for fast flying Bishops, elephants seized from a traveling circus got spliced with his strongest masons and stoneworkers into the monstrous Rooks. Even his beloved wife was sacrificed in his madness and transformed into the tormented yet lethal Queen piece. 

Here is my color concept that will also serve as my modeling orhtos. The plan is to make a basemesh in Maya and then take him into zBrush for heavy detailing. 

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